Happy Birthday to Stunt Driver Rémy Julienne

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Happy Birthday to Stunt Driver Rémy Julienne

Postby acid » Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:30 pm

:happybd: Happy 88th birthday to Rémy Julienne who was responsible for the amazing car stunts in six James Bond movies from For Your Eyes Only to GoldenEye, often as the stunt driver.

These have some of the most memorable and exciting vehicle stunts. He's been involved in over 1400 movies over the years including the Italian Job.

He often used French cars for his stunts, most notably the yellow Citroën 2CV in FYEO which rolls and shortcuts down the slopes between hairpin bends and the Renault taxi in AVTAK that loses its roof before breaking in half and still Bond continues to drive it!:


I always wished he'd carried on driving the half-a-Renault for longer like that as you only see it for a few seconds so I was highly amused when I discovered an earlier movie Rémy drove in, also with a 2CV, with some of the same stunts in a longer sequence:

Watch on youtube.com

The movie was a 1982 French comedy called Les Gendarmes et les Gendarmettes.
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Re: Happy Birthday to Stunt Driver Rémy Julienne

Postby Capt. Sir Dominic Flandry » Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:55 pm

Happy Birthday to Remy. :db5:

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