Italy knows their cipolles!

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Italy knows their cipolles!

Postby bjmdds » Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:06 am

Italians registered their dismay with the European political establishment on Sunday, handing a majority of votes in a national election to hard-right and populist forces that ran a campaign fueled by anti-immigrant anger. The election, the first in five years, was widely seen as a bellwether of the strength of populists on the continent and how far they might advance into the mainstream. The answer was far, very far :!: After Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and President Emmanuel Macron of France beat back populist and far-right insurgencies, Europe seemed to enjoy a reprieve from the forces threatening its unity and values. That turned out to be short lived. In Sunday’s vote, early results showed, the parties that did well all shared varying degrees of Euroskepticism, with laments about Brussels treating Italians like slaves, agitation to abandon the euro and promises to put Italy before Europe. The results were not just a disconcerting measure of Italy’s mood but also a harbinger of the troubles that may yet lay ahead for Europe. Far-right and populist forces appeared to gain more than 50 percent of the vote in Italy, where the economy has lagged, migration has surged and many are seething at those in power. Giulia De Virgilio and her husband, Vico Vicenzi, both 72-year-old lawyers, walked out of a polling station in Rome’s historic center on Sunday and said they had cast their vote for Mr. Salvini, despite usually voting for the left. Their comments suggested that Mr. Salvini’s efforts to transform his party from a northern secessionist movement into a force appealing to Italians everywhere had paid off. He convinced the couple that illegal migrants posed an existential threat, especially after a young woman was killed and dismembered in a central Italian town in January. The police arrested Nigerian immigrants in the killing. “They cut out her heart, her guts — they are cannibals,” said Ms. De Virgilio. She said, “Nigerians are drug dealers.” That anti-immigrant sentiment, as well as a strong dose of euroskepticism, swept Italy this election season..............liberal Ale's home country to boot :!: Watch the media ignore this important event in Italy :!:
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