US Presidential election 2020

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Re: US Presidential election 2020

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That's what you get for relying on legacy media. I get most of my news online, and loads of websites have covered it, including websites of broadcast TV networks. Whether the 6 o'clock news covers it, I couldn't tell you, as I haven't watched a TV news broadcast in years.

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Re: US Presidential election 2020

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Nancy Pelosi needed every one of her fellow House Democrats Sunday to reach the magic "216" votes and thus win a fourth term as speaker.

But a number of increasingly angry Republican members of the House feel she went too far in securing the appearance of Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Wis., six days after she announced she tested positive for COVID-19.

"A ten-day quarantine is the guideline, but she was here only six days into her quarantine," Rep. Billy Long, R-Mo, told Newsmax. "So she was on the floor exposing all of us to COVID on Sunday."

Long added that everyone who was on her flight from Wisconsin to Washington, D.C., "needs to be notified [about her condition] and the airline should never have let her on."
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