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Re: Bond News Of The Day Thread

Post by carl stromberg » ... rrent_news

New appeal to find James Bond guns stolen during burglary in Enfield
Detectives investigating a burglary in Enfield where five guns from James Bond films were stolen are appealing for witnesses following the release of new information on the BBC's Crimewatch.

On Monday, 23 March at approximately 20:00hrs, police were called to reports of a burglary in progress at a house on Aldersbrook Avenue, EN1.

The suspects were disturbed by neighbours and left the scene before officers arrived. They are believed to have jumped through an open window before fleeing in a silver vehicle.

Officers carried out enquiries and established the suspects had broken into the back of the premises and made off with five deactivated firearms. All had been used as props in various James Bond films.

The stolen weapons are described as:

- One Beretta ‘Cheetah’ Auto Pistol, serial number H02641Y – featured in Die Another Day;
- One Walter PP, serial number 146872 – featured in A View to a Kill;
- One Revolver Smith and Weston 44 Magnum, serial number N60304 – featured in Live & Let Die;
- One Beretta ‘Tomcat’ Auto pistol, serial number DAA264306 – featured in Die Another Day;
- One Llama 22 cal. Serial number 271915 – featured in Die Another Day.
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Re: Bond News Of The Day Thread

Post by Omega »

Interesting. Obviously targeted those props. I doubt they’ll come on the open market since they can’t. Black market that’s doubtful too unless owning those props is a status symbol. My guess is it wasn’t for a private collector they’ll be traded for drugs to people who have no idea what those guns are.

Sort of reminded of that rich couple in Missouri who stood around waving weapons to keep rioters from burning their home. The prosecutors tried to press charges on them, this couple are rich lawyers, the pistol the woman had was deactivated because it was involved previously in a court case, to charge the couple the prosecutors had gunsmiths take a inactive weapon and make it functional. I guess they forgot court records would show the gun was deactivated and thought nobody would care if they made up evidence prosecute.

Anyway I’m wondering what happens when these guns are traded and the new owners find they can’t be fired, or not knowing they can’t be fired used them to commit crimes.

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