Sky gets TV rights to Bond catalogue

Television listings for Bond and video talk
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Sky gets TV rights to Bond catalogue

Post by Kristatos »

Bank holidays on ITV are going to look strange, and ITV4 just lost half its programming:
Metro wrote:The great bank holiday tradition of slumping in front of the TV to watch a James Bond movie is dead – unless you have Sky.

The satellite broadcaster has bought the rights to screen in HD all 22 official Bond films – from Dr No to Quantum of Solace.

The deal also includes the 1967 spoof Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again and the films will not be interrupted by adverts.

Bond has been a mainstay of ITV since 1975 and Live And Let Die was seen by a record 23.5million people when it was premiered in 1980.

"Bond films aren't dramas, they're pantos" - David Mitchell
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Re: Sky gets TV rights to Bond catalogue

Post by Capt. Sir Dominic Flandry »

I did not know that Sky could buy the exclusive rights to movies; I thought there was a separate terrestrial deal.

I'd like to see them on the C4 blocks of channels because they would show them in the correct format.

Of course the best way to see them is on DVD or Blu-Ray/
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