The exact moment you went off Craig

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Re: The exact moment you went off Craig

Post by James »

I was sour on Craig before I'd seen a frame of Casino Royale. I'd seen several of his films and always found him a bit dour and boring. Plus, his looks made him completely unsuitable for Bond IMO. Alarm bells really rang for me when I kept reading that the film Layer Cake had got him the role of Bond. I'd watched Layer Cake and if you told me the lead actor was up for Bond I'd have assumed it was a joke or mistake. He was a million miles away from Bond as far as I was concerned. I can sort of understand why people like Casino Royale. The first half of the film is quite entertaining. I find myself tuning out and getting bored though as soon as the poker game and love story kicks in. Craig has a certain novelty at first because he's so different but by the end of the film I was bored of him already. Also, there's no getting around the fact that he looks far too ordinary to be Bond. It ruins the fantasy. If Craig had been a Lazenby type one-off he might have been mildly tolerable but of course we then had to endure several more Craig films stretched out over 57 years. By the time of QoS, Craig is now a complete drag and tedious in the role. They obviously had no idea where to take the series after Casino Royale. Skyfall at least has a concept behind it (Bond is now an old relic) but it makes no sense for Craig's Bond to go from rookie to past it veteran in the space of two films. Craig also looks distractingly awful and hideous in Skyfall with his shaved hair, bags under his eyes, and silver whiskers. I can't even remember anything about Spectre and the less said about NTTD the better. The Craig era is just absolutely tedious IMO. I don't understand why anyone would want to watch these films again. You can watch the old Bond films over and over again and still have a good time but the Craig films are really hard work because they just don't supply any fun and the fact that the lead actor looks like any old berk and is taking it all too seriously, well, it just sucks all the enjoyment and fantasy out of the whole thing.
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Re: The exact moment you went off Craig

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When I saw him in another movie and thought "how is this Frank Gorshin lookalike being considered for Bond?"
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