Moore Befriends Bond Superfan David Walliams

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Moore Befriends Bond Superfan David Walliams

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Sir Roger Moore has struck up an unusual friendship with David Walliams after learning the funnyman is a huge James Bond fan.

The 007 icon was the star guest at a question and answer session for the British Film Institute (Bfi), and Little Britain comic Walliams was host for the evening.

The pair bonded over their love for each others' roles - and Moore reveals they are still in touch.

Speaking on Britain's The One Show, Moore says, "He was actually a Bond fan and I was a big fan of Little Britain, I think they're hysterical, very funny shows.

"I did an interview with the Bfi, question and answer, and he was the questionnaire (host). He knew more about Bond than I did."

The 83 year old later spoke to Walliams through a video link-up during the show to wish the comedian luck with his marathon swim fundraiser for Comic Relief. Walliams completed the fifth day of his challenge on Friday (09Sep11) as part of his mission to swim 140 miles (225 kilometres) along England's River Thames from Gloucestershire to Big Ben in London.
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Re: Moore Befriends Bond Superfan David Walliams

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A huge fan of Roger Moore and Little Britain here too! I think having David or Matt to play Bond is better than DC.
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