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This Day in Bond

Postby Blowfeld » Sat May 22, 2010 4:02 pm

Rock stars steal show at James Bond premiere

The James Bond film "A View to a Kill," starring Roger Moore and filmed partially in San Francisco, premiered here in 1985.

Here's a look at the past. Items have been culled from The Chronicle's archives of 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago.

May 23: Screaming teenagers trying to mob members of the Duran Duran rock band added electricity to last night's world premiere of the James Bond movie, "A View to a Kill." The noisy event at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts Theater, where a fancy buffet party preceded the showing of the $30 million movie, was everything Hollywood studios hunger for. Earlier yesterday, Mayor Dianne Feinstein had declared "James Bond Day" in San Francisco. The decree was made outside City Hall in the company of the film's stars, while a movie stuntman parachuted from a helicopter hovering 2,500 feet above the City Hall dome. The aerialist, B.J. Worth, zigzagged fitfully through whooshing winds onto Polk Street sidewalks as a crowd of several hundred people scattered. Last night's high-pitched celebrity fervor greeting the arrival of stars Roger Moore, Grace Jones, Tanya Roberts and Christopher Walken was no match for the ear-piercing screeches aimed at two members of Duran Duran when they alighted from a gilded limousine. The band sings the title song for "A View to a Kill," the only one of 14 Bond movies to have a U.S. premiere. About a third of the movie was shot in San Francisco. At yesterday's City Hall event, Feinstein told the 500 spectators that a key scene in the film involves the burning of City Hall. A deafening cheer rose, scattering rooftop pigeons.

This story can be found at Rock stars steal show at James Bond premier
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