007 Fans Get Chance To Meet Bond Stars

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007 Fans Get Chance To Meet Bond Stars

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James Davies, Sky News Online
Hundreds of James Bond fans are expected in London this weekend for the biggest ever 007 festival held in the UK.

Dozens of stars, including Sir Sean Connery's successor George Lazenby and Richard Kiel who played the part of 7ft 2in giant Jaws, will attend the event billed as "The Ultimate Spy and Sci-Fi Event".

The London Film Museum, which is hosting the event, will display a collection of original pieces and artefacts, including Little Nellie, the armoured autogyro from You Only Live Twice.

And although he may have hung up his Walther PPK twenty five years ago, former 007 star Sir Roger Moore is also among the high-profile names set to be there.

Sir Roger, who played the part of the Martini-drinking spy seven times, is there to collect a Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of his good friend Sir Christopher Lee.

Sir Christopher, who played the three-nippled baddie Francisco Scaramanga in The Man With The Golden Gun, was unable to collect the award himself because of last-minute contractual obligations.

He was not, however, the only guest that organisers were worried would not be able to attend.

At the beginning of the week, Bondstars, which represents many of the actors attending, said they were not sure many of the stars would make it because of the disruption to flights caused by volcanic ash.

Bondstars told Sky News Online: "We are having monumental headaches at present trying to get these people into the country."

They added: "It's 50/50 they'll even get flights rebooked."

As well as collecting signatures from their favourite stars, collectors will be able to purchase memorabilia from the various stalls around the museum over the weekend.

The London Film Museum is home to many original props and costumes from iconic British films and recently opened a new permanent exhibition dedicated to Charlie Chaplin.
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Re: 007 Fans Get Chance To Meet Bond Stars

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Jesper Christensen was scheduled to be there..apparently his comment about QOS being s*** was forgotten. :shock:
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