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Re: Devil May Care - Reviews

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The Sweeney wrote:
Dr. No wrote:thanks for the candid answers guys.

I was wondering about it because some of you seem really dedicated to the books. DMC is universally panned but you guys paid top price for it (twice! :shock: ).
I completely understand wanting to collect Ian Fleming's books, the 1 or 2 AF books i read were not veyr good IMHO.

I guess if i could have any flemign book First edition it would be Dr NO, I love the story adn the cover. But i suppose you knew that already ;) :mrgreen:

Most of my books are paper backs well used adn well read. nothing could be better IMHO :D
Funny enough, Dr. No was the first Bond novel I ever read, so I've got a real soft spot for it.
:D its a good book adn Great story.
I enjoy the imagry of it, from the island to the girl.
There was a line I loved from it... :? I need to look it up and add it to my sig. Yep I'm going to look it up tonight. May read it again while i'm at it. :D
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Re: Devil May Care - Reviews

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I finally got around to reading DMC. Im almost through it now. The plot ia moving along nicely. Faulks doesnt have the same sense of place that Fleming had. I believe hed been to many of the places Bond visited. I doubt Faulks has, and especially hadnt in 1967.
I think the other reason that Fleming wrote Bond so well is that he identified so much with the character. He could describe what was in his head so well because it was often in Fleming's as well.

The other problem is the whole war on drugs narrative. Clearly people taking drugs in society does not lead to the kind of catastrophe that M thinks (Britain will soon become a third world country) and Bond is probably the worst candidate for be a drug warrior easily imaginable. The book feels dated as much as some of the social attitudes Fleming expressed. Maybe that was the point, to be meta and it just goes overall my head.
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