the historical background of You Only Live Twice

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the historical background of You Only Live Twice

Postby nanolark » Sat Apr 18, 2015 10:25 am

While re-reading YOLT I started more closely analyse the fragment when Tanaka lectures Bond on Britain's decline. Until now it was clear for me that Tiger's words about "[…] wallowing nostalgically in gossip about the doings of the Royal Family and of [British] so-called aristocracy in the pages of the most debased newspapers in the world" was a veiled reference to the Profumo Affair. However, Fleming finished the first drought a month before the scandal became known. If it was not an allusion to the Profumo-Keeler acquaintance than what else Fleming might have been thinking about? The affairs of Duchess of Argyll ( ... s-now.html), Princess Margaret's failed marriage or maybe it was something else?
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